Spencer Miller-Johnson, CNU-A


Spencer is a city planner and urban designer who enjoys translating vision into reality through form-based codes and innovative zoning approaches. He spent a decade in California learning from national planning and zoning experts and now works as a Senior City Planner for the City of Saint Paul, MN. Spencer helped found the Emerging New Urbanists together with Cal and a diverse team of CNU advisors with the goal of advancing New Urbanism for the next generation of progressive CNU leaders. He enjoys having a role in several ENU initiatives, primarily assisting Megan in Team Advance and Beth in Team Foster. When Spencer isn't crafting new place-based development standards, you can find him on a run with his dog, cooking a new recipe for his partner, or practicing the piano.

Cal Kurtz


As an urban designer at Opticos Design, Inc., Cal believes that unique, walkable neighborhoods arise when communities are empowered to impact their built environment to respond to their needs and traditions. During her time at the University of Notre Dame, where she received her Bachelor of Architecture degree and served as president of ND’s Students for New Urbanism club, Cal spent much of her time conducting research on the varied urban design traditions in different parts of the world. A member of the group since its establishment, Cal leads the Emerging New Urbanists as a Co-Chair, working to empower emerging professionals to shape the future of New Urbanism. In addition to brainstorming with the other ENU leaders on big-picture goals, Cal enjoys working with Team Empower to mentor students through Students for New Urbanism clubs.

Megan Reineccius

Team Lead (Advance)

Megan is an architect, urban designer, and urban planner. Her love for great walkable neighborhoods started in Saint Paul, admiring the historic architecture and lively main streets of the Cathedral Hill neighborhood. From living in Rome to the Bay Area to Washington DC to the Twin Cities, each place has shaped her appreciation and design sensibility, specifically the importance of authentic placemaking and walkability. Megan believes discovering opportunities for placemaking and place-keeping starts with getting the right people in the room to collaborate and listen. She currently resides and practices urban design in Nashville. When not working, you will find her running around the city, searching for missing middle housing, at a concert, or hiking in the wilderness. Within ENU, Megan leads Team Advance, which focuses on ways the New Urbanist movement can continually evolve to be more inclusive and to tackle relevant challenges as we move into the future.

Matthew Gschwind

Team Lead (Empower)

Matthew works as an urban designer for Michael Watkins Architect, LLC. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, he graduated from Notre Dame (’21) with a Bachelor of Architecture, second major in Applied Mathematics, and minor in Resiliency and Sustainability, and also served as president of Students for New Urbanism. While at Notre Dame, Matthew developed a passion for urbanism and its potential to promote community, sustainability, and resilience, a passion which he continues to expand through his work in urban design. As the Team Lead for Team Empower, Matthew enjoys working with his fellow team members to connect students with opportunities to learn about New Urbanism.

Beth Cichon

Team Lead (Foster)

Beth came to work as an urban designer at Opticos Design, Inc. after graduating with a Bachelors in Architecture from Notre Dame and a Minor in Poverty Studies. She practices urbanism through research, community engagement, and storytelling. In her eyes, cities benefit most from designers who look, listen, and share. Beth joined ENU on day 1 and has been a part of the social (and virtual) connection team, Teams Network and Foster. She has loved working closely with fellow ENU members and hearing more about planning and fields adjacent to her own. On a common day, you can find her in a park playing frisbee or reading a book by Malcolm Gladwell.