Emerging New Urbanists

Elevating the voices of emerging professionals in the New Urbanist movement


Our Mission

The Emerging New Urbanists (ENU) advance the goals of the Charter of the New Urbanism with a focus on empowering emerging leaders to shape the future of the Congress for the New Urbanism. We are committed to include emerging professionals from diverse backgrounds and interests while making personal and professional connections to foster a thriving community.


Latest Event: Place Summit 2022

Visit our Events page to learn more about the in-person event, the annual ENU Place Summit! 

ENU met in Detroit, Michigan and collaborated with the Better Cities Film Festival.


Our Core Values


We transform, refine, and improve New Urbanism to be more inclusive, relevant, and applicable for the future. 


We encourage, educate, and elevate emerging professionals to the larger discussions about New Urbanism and empower them to become local leaders. 


We lower barriers of entry by actively reaching out to professionals and students, and brainstorming with those who are unfamiliar with New Urbanism. We prioritize the inclusion of people from diverse disciplines, backgrounds, interests, and experience levels.  


We cultivate an evolving community built on mutual respect, humility, and passion for exchanging ideas.



Who We Are

We are a growing group of emerging professionals who share common passions for New Urbanism and its intersection with placemaking, affordable housing, climate change, environmental justice, and meaningful design. We actively connect with one other across the country via virtual platforms and in-person gatherings in order to share our passions and ideas for the future.

Berkeley, CA

New Haven, CT

Chicago, IL

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